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Do U Got Skillz?
Whut up ppl? Diz part iz tha section where u can read how they do the moves and thingz and see how some of the moves work. So....Jus' practice some of dis movez from day 2 day and u shall have em' down packed playa!

Hotsauce's "Hypnotizer"
Difficulty 3/5
1. Dribble low to get the defender looking below your waist
2. Get the ball behind your back and quickly threw it over both your back and his head.
3. Continue in a dribbling motion as if you still had the ball
4. When the defender finally realizes you don't have the ball go and pick it up.
  Here R some Street Moves dat could improve your skillz!
The Roll"
Difficulty 5/5
1. Dribble the ball with your left hand through your right leg while sort of falling down
2. When the ball gets to your right hand place your left hand on the floor and roll over. Keepin the ball in your right hand.
3. When your getting up gently bounce the ball back to your left hand in a crossover motion.

How Are the Moves So Far!!?

Hotsauce's "Torando II"
Difficulty 4/5
1. Dribble in and out you left leg. then quickly through your right.
2. When the ball is in your right hand quickly spin it around the D's head (while your spinning).
3. When your back is to him quickly put the ball in you shirt.
4. Hit the ball out and catch it with your right hand

Hotsauce's "Ball on Boomerang"
Difficulty 3/5
1.Dribble a bit to get the defender low
2.Cup the ball with your right hand ,extend your right arm over their left shoulder , twist your arm so it's facing the sky, snap your wrist hard (it should come back to you) continue in this motion and you should have shooked the defender

Streetball Movez--Fresh from And 1 and other ballerz

A-O's "Through the Legs"
Difficulty; 5/5
1.Get the defender lazy by dribbling a while
2.Roll the ball under the denfenders legs (being careful not to roll it to strong)
3.Crawl under the dender's legs quickly
4.Pick up the ball and dish it off

Diz iz a nice move!!!
"Peek A Boo"
Difficulty; 4/5
1.Dribble low to get the defender low
2.Quickly..drop the ball, and put your shirt over the D's head
3.Dish the ball off before te has a chance to realize what has happened

Very Difficult....But Nice
"Merry Go Round"
Difficulty; 5/5
1.Tuck the ball in your shirt
2. With your opposite arm, hit the ball with your elbow to one of your team-mates

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